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EcoDeRec is specialized in the delivery of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for decontamination, de-pollution, recycling and waste treatment.



Our current activities with patented processes include :



  • Oil sands extraction

  • Extraction and decontamination of Hydrocarbons from soil / sand, after oil spillage

  • Decontamination of radioactive soil, after nuclear accidents

  • Improved protection for the storage of radioactive waste

  • Decontamination for smelting sands and mining by-products

  • Decontamination of soils, polluted be heavy metals and PCB

  • Decontamination of soil after industrial utilization, for the recovery of building land

  • Recovery of floating hydrocarbons and chemicals on water ( e.g. harbours, rivers, lakes, etc. )

  • Significant volume reduction for household waste landfills ( up to 70% by methods of recycling )

  • Protection of groundwater from pollution by hydrocarbons and chemicals at landfills

  • Production of thermic and phonic building material ( e.g. bricks ) from recycled construction debris and plastic waste

  • Production of combustion boosters from sewage sludge and recycled plastic waste

  • Production of adsorbent materials from recycled plastic waste for cleaning pollutants, that are based on oil, blood, grease or chemicals ( e.g. industrial waste water, sewage plants, etc. )

  • Planning and execution of remediations after environmental damage



Processes used by EcoDeRec :



  • Have very little impact on the environment

  • Significantly reduce the toxic waste

  • Use low energy, since processes are done at ambient temperatures

  • Use no toxic chemicals

  • Largely reduce greenhouse gases and CO2

  • Can be done directly on the polluted and contaminated sites

  • Use compact units, that can be both expeditionary or fixed



Benefits of processes used by EcoDeRec :



  • Cost efficient

  • Not labour intensive

  • Soils / water and pollutants are re-usable

  • The hydrocarbon products can be re-used

  • Soils and sands can be returned to their original location, with good agronomic quality

  • High decontamination yield

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